About Us

Marionette Company, Inc has various activities divided under three main verticals – Manufacturing, Distribution and Services. Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, the group operates in Americas to meet the Industrial sewing Threads & Industrial Yarns requirements of several important industries such as Cordage, Industrial Fabrics, electronic communications, automotive, aerospace, mattress, furniture, sporting goods, leather, footwear, filtration, lifting and material handling and many more.


We have Three Manufacturing Plants in U.S.A producing a full line of twisted &dyed yarns for textile & industrial applications including sewing threads & Prewound Bobbins. We are amongst a very few left in the U.S.A Market in this industry with vertical capabilities in the yarn processing industry.
With over 30 years of manufacturing & distribution experience. We have the experience and exposure to handle global projects and understand the needs of our customers better. A strong team backed by experienced shop floor technicians ensures the right quality – always. The progressive management provides leadership in training and developing a committed managerial cadre which can respond positively to any need of the customer. We have established close links with our partners in Asia and Europe, which helps us keep abreast with the technological advancement in the field of Textile Engineering.


Having obtained the confidence of our Americas customers as a quality supplier of various industrial yarns for over 30 years. We utilize our vast global exposure, connectivity and knowledge to establish close ties with the ancillary units and create a good distribution platform for our customers from a vast group of leading manufacturers. Dedicated and trained staff oversees the development, manufacturing, quality, packaging and shipment of goods to our customers. Marionette Company, Inc expertise in supply chain and logistical services enables customers to fully focus on their areas of expertise. From managing procurement processes to integrating supply chains, and technical services.

The key factors that have contributed to the phenomenal success of Marionette Company, Inc are technology, quality assurance and customer service.

Quality Policy

To focus on customer satisfaction by providing products and services meeting or exceeding their expectation based on agreed specifications.

To strive for continual improvement in our established quality management system, products and services.